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We are all experts in programming. We do many types of programmed operations each day, from simple tasks such as making a cup of tea, to more complex tasks such as performing our jobs. In programming terms, these tasks are called activities.

Some of us not only have to organise ourselves, but also the building we are constructing, the people who are working on those buildings and all the materials being delivered to site.

Some of our supervisors appear to operate calm, timely and in an organised manner, while others have to work much longer hours to get the same job done.

We asked our best site managers and project managers their opinion about what it takes to be good at programming and found there are five key elements or "skill sets".

Please note: This is a non-accredited course

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Stretcher Bearing


This course has been developed to fulfill an obligation to ensure that workers on particular Hutchinson Builders work sites are trained in Workplace Health and Safety, Manual Handling techniques to be able to carry the stretcher.

Please note: This is a non-accredited course

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Fire Extinguisher Awareness


This course is being developed to fulfill an obligation to ensure that workers on particular Hutchinson Builders work sites have an awareness of the types and correct use of fire extinguishers typical to sites.

The Fire Extinguisher Awareness Training is designed to provide additional health and safety information, and company policies, in compliance with the statutory requirements of the Queensland, New South Wales, and Tasmanian & Western Australian Workplace Health and Safety Acts.

Please note: This is a non-accredited course

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Working Successfully with Computers


Being able to use computers effectively is an essential part of being an employee at Hutchinson Builders. Unfortunately, most of us have learnt how to use them by 'trial and error' and as such, don't really know how to get the best from them.

This 'Successfully Using Computers' course has been especially written for Hutchies' employees and aims to build your expertise from the moment you press the 'on' button. Over four, two-hour sessions, you will slowly develop your skills and knowledge to a point where you can understand and can confidently use basic computer hardware and software and enhance your productivity.

Please note: This is a non-accredited course

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'Building Relationships with Communication' will assist those beginning their careers leading people and those who are aspiring to step into leadership roles.

At Hutchinson Builders, we believe in nurturing the skills of our team members and providing growing levels of responsibility. 

Modern leadership goes beyond getting people to do what the leader wants them to do. Leadership, in construction today, is about bringing out what the very best people have to offer and helping to focus everyone's energy and enthusiasm along a unified front to achieve common goals.

Fundamental to success of leaders at Hutchinson Builders are effective communication skills. Outstanding leaders truly care about people, and they are responsive to the concerns of others. This people-oriented attitude creates one of the most powerful conditions for successful leadership - trust.

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Future Leaders


Since 1912 Hutchinson Builders, one of Australia's largest privately owned building companies, has been structured towards maintaining its own highly skilled workforce in addition to using specialised subcontractors with a similar philosophy. This approach has been further enhanced in recent times through the internally developed Workforce Development Strategy that includes increasing the number of skilled Hutchinson Builders employees.

We believe our employees are our greatest resource. Consequently our Future Leader Program aims to continue to foster and facilitate employee growth through accessible relevant information and learning materials tailored to the construction industry and centered around the Hutchinson Builders accredited systems (AS 4801, AS/NSZ ISO 9001).

The Future Leaders Program has been designed to develop all Hutchinson Builders employees knowledge in a multitude of skill areas required across the construction industry. The FLP requires a practical application of Hutchinson Builders internal policies, procedures and business standards across all aspects of the construction process.

Please note: This is a non-accredited course

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EWPAA Yellow Card Elevated Work Platforms Under 11m


Industry Recognised Yellow Card (in conjunction with the EWPAA)

This one day intensive training program, delivered at GCSC, is designed for people who wish to develop the skills and knowledge needed to operate elevated work platforms under 11 metres.

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Time Management


This program will increase your effectiveness as a manager through your understanding of the concept of emotional intelligence. The increased awareness of self and your impact on others will be valuable as you drive your business agendas. We will also investigate how you can manage your time more effectively.

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Basic Building Materials


This task aims to give you an understanding of basic building materials to prevent defects in our projects.

This Basic Building Materials Task series aims to develop an understanding of how materials are created, identifying their unique cell structures and compositions, and providing information about where these materials can perform best in compatible environmental conditions.

When we know how building materials are created, how they function, and how they respond in various environments, we are able to provide a quality product first time, every time. This equates to providing longevity to the service life or use of the material, as well as reducing or eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming defect rectification.

Please note: This is a non-accredited course

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Working Safely at Heights


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Health and Safety


This topic forms part of Task 6: Health and Safety in the Hutchinson Builders Future Leaders Program and may be delivered as a separate training module for employees who are not part of 'the program'.

This is not an online course.

If you are part of the Hutchies family, the Future Leaders course might interest you. If you're in the construction industry and not working on one of our Hutchies sites, send us an email and we can discuss your options.

Health and Safety has been divided into 11 topics, designed and developed to assist you in carrying out your daily responsibilities.


This course will cover:

- WHS Management Plan;

- Legal Requirements & Duty of Care;

- Risk Assessment;

- Incident & Accident Reporting;

- Emergency and Fire Response;

- Subcontractor Management;

- Working at Heights;

- Scaffold Framework;

- Hazardous Chemicals;

- Asbestos, Demolition & Lead; and

- Powered Plants and Cranes.


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Hutch Safe Passport


The safety of our employees and our many thousands of subcontractors is very important to us. But we also know that 'time is money' and face to face general inductions on our sites are not the most efficient way to make sure everyone knows our safety systems before they start on site.

Our Workforce Development Team have now launched HB Learning - our very own, online learning platform, that will enable us to deliver some training (like general inductions) via the internet. Our first product is the H.U.T.C.H Safe General Induction which ideally all subcontractors should complete before they attend any one of our 170 sites across Australia. Once it is done, the subbie only has to do a short site specific induction.

During the induction (which should take about 45 minutes), you can also scan all your licenses into the site and our supervisors will be able to see what licenses you have and their expiry dates.

This is completed online via

Please note: This is a non-accredited course

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White Card


HB Learning is the online learning platform for the GCSC. The GCSC is the wholly owned construction training division of Hutchinson Builders.

Our training programs are designed to be relevant, flexible and challenging, in line with what we know to be best practice.

Hence, our HB Learning Platform enables us to deliver some assessment & training via online training where it is difficult to access our preferred model of face-to-face training.

In the case of the Construction White Card (CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry), we deliver the training face-to-face using a workbook/learning resource & then we conduct some of the assessment via our HB Learning Platform followed by some face-to-face assessment.

The White Card is a mandatory requirement for anyone wanting to work in the building and construction industry. So, we want to make sure our students have been taught and assessed carefully before they graduate.

Expect the assessment to take at least two hours to complete. However, you can log off and log back on again at any time and resume right where you left off.

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At Hutchinson Builders we have a 100 year history of taking pride in our work and getting the job done. We have delivered thousands or projects across every discipline throughout Australia and beyond.

Despite our collective proven track record, wealth of experience and comprehensive building knowledge, we know that to remain competitive and ensure that we can deliver projects and service to our client's expectations; we must continue to strive for excellence and quality.

Our reputation and future growth are dependent on a proactive approach to delivering quality projects.

Every year the construction industry spends millions of dollars rectifying the same defective works that are repeated project after project. We are not just referring to defects at the end of the project.

The "Top 15" is a quality manual that provides access to the fundamental building methods that must be used to prevent the most common and costly defects in our projects. It represents the sensible management of risk associated with the design and construction process.

These 15 policies alone will reduce defective works and associated costs by over 80% and ensure the collective reputations of all our staff, and Hutchinson Builders, are held in the highest regard for getting the job done right.

Please note: This is a non-accredited course

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Cert IV in Building and Construction


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Telehandler Gold Card


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Introduction to Construction


The Introduction to Construction course has been specifically designed to assist employees to move from a traditional administration role to a project construction role that is more operationally focussed. It assists participants to understand the working conditions, practices and skills of these employees and sub-contractors engaged in front line commercial construction.

Participants will exit the course with the knowledge and skills required to make informed decisions about what operational areas of Hutchies’ business they want to pursue as part of their career development.

This course is specifically targeted at women in the workforce but can be undertaken by any employee wishing to gain a greater understanding of our front line operations and career options.

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Cert IV Workplace Health & Safety


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Diploma of Workplace Health & Safety


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Vertical Rescue


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