Certificate I in Construction, Doorways 2 Construction (D2C) program 2013

‘Vinny’ was a ward of the State and lived in an orphanage. His father was not around and he was removed from his mother by the Department of Children’s Services at the age of eleven. He has lived in and out of foster care and has been at the orphanage since he was 11.  When he started with the GCSC he was 15 years old and had a pregnant girlfriend. His girlfriend lived with her parents and they did not let ‘Vinny’ have any decision making or involvement with their daughter.

‘Vinny’ first contacted us in 2012 as a Year 9 student wishing to leave school and gain an apprenticeship in the construction industry. He was very enthusiastic and we agreed to meet with him to try to assist him with some career advice but not with the intention of allowing him into our D2C program as he was too young. He presented to us as a strong 14 year old with a good personality and a real desire to get out of school and start working. When we heard his story we felt that we might be able to assist him. We wanted to motivate ‘Vinny’ to stay at school and to not become another statistic.  We decided that we would offer ‘Vinny’ a position in the D2C program as long as he stayed in school until halfway through year 10 and then we would offer him a full time role in our program including our English and Maths Program. We made this decision to take ‘Vinny’ from a school that we hadn’t established a partnership with based on the School’s enthusiasm to support ‘Vinny’ through the process and our desire to assist this young man to be able to overcome the barriers that he has faced and to assist in any way that we could. Thankfully Construction Skills Queensland were able to assist by allowing a variation as Vinnie was not from one of our feeder schools.

‘Vinny’ commenced the D2C program in Semester 2 2013 and was on site five days a week. He would get a lift to Yatala each morning and then take 2 trains to get home each afternoon. He was fully committed to the program and a work trial in late 2013 with Wild Industries in Balmoral. He was not offered an apprenticeship straight away as the company wanted him to try all their trade areas before he was offered an apprenticeship either as a cabinetmaker, fitter and turner or boilermaker.

Vinnie is still working at Wild Industries and is now getting some overtime. He now has a baby daughter and has been welcomed into his girlfriend’s family.

Tea-O-Roa Timiiti and Lui Soosemea

Certificate I in Construction (Doorways 2 Construction) 2013

Two outstanding graduates of the Hutchies GCSC program have successfully obtained H.I.A apprenticeships in their chosen field of brick and block laying.

These young men were selected for these positions for their continual hard work, maturity, leadership and outstanding skills on the job.  They have made both Hutchies and Coombabah SHS very proud.

Tea-O-Roa Timiiti and Lui Soosemea were recognised by Coombabah SHS and Hutchinson Builders recently at their Awards night with trophies from the school and a Milwaukee pack including an impact driver and a battery drill.

Charlie Brown

Certificate I in Construction (TradeStart) 2013

Charlie Brown was a full time student at QUT undertaking a degree in Town Planning. However, he had a passion for hands-on site based work rather than sitting behind a computer.  Charlie comes from Longreach and was selected to be part of the TradeStart cohort in November 2013 once he completed his 2nd semester of university.  He wanted to start at this time due to university being on holidays and being able to fully commit to the program.  Given the flexibility of training provided by the GCSC, this ideal situation was made possible.  As a result of the course, Charlie stood out and was selected for interview by our Apprentice Development Coordinator after recommendation from our GCSC Coordinator.  He was successful in attaining a carpentry apprenticeship with Hutchinson Builders and he has quickly gained a reputation among the site personnel as a hardworking, diligent team member.  Charlie is now fully committed to a career in construction and has decided on a new career path towards becoming a fully qualified Project Manager with a trade background.  He is keen to be part of Hutchies integrated Future Leaders Program whilst completing his apprenticeship.