Jay Ellis

Jay completed a Certificate I in Construction in the Doorways 2 Construction program with the GCSC in 2012. He is now completing an apprenticeship with Hutchies and is in his third year

Amy Shaw

Amy completed a Certificate I in Construction at the GCSC in 2010. On completion, she decided on a career in Interior Decorating.

Nick Eske

Nick completed a Certificate I in Construction at the GCSC in 2012. He is now completing an apprenticeship with Hutchies and is in his third year.

Chantelle Love

After winning an award at CSTC as their best student in their Civil Construction Certificate I course, Chantelle came to the GCSC and after completing her Certificate I in Construction she started as a school based apprentice with Hutchinson Builders. In 2011, Chantelle also won the National Women in Construction (NAWIC) award. She is in the fourth year of her apprenticeship and is currently working as a Health and Safety Advisor.


Matthew Williams, Contract Administrator

Matthew is the first Carpentry Apprentice that went from a site based job to being a Contract Administrator within the Hutchies Headquarters. When he was in Year 11 of school, he decided that he wanted a career in Construction and arranged a meeting with Peter Forsingdal (Senior Apprentice Development Coordinator) to ask what steps he should take.

Peter was so impressed with Matthew and the things that he said in that initial meeting, that he advised Matthew to contact him when he finished Year 12 at School. He did and became one of Hutchies best apprentices and a GCSC star student. During his apprenticeship, he was taken to Western Australia (WA) to work on a big project out there.

He came back to Queensland and was snapped up into a Brisbane team. As a hard-working apprentice, all Projects Managers and Team Leaders wanted to keep him working on their jobs. After returning from WA he worked on-site for a couple of years. In his career plan, it was deciphered that he wanted to take on a Contract Administrator role, and that is the role he currently undertakes.

He is also currently helping with filming on the HB learning site, so if you are successful applicant for one of our courses you could be seeing him in the videos you view as a student of the GCSC.

Kyle Patience, Site Foreman

Kyle started as a school based apprentice in 2007, he completed his apprenticeship in 2012 and is now a Site Foreman. At the time he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to work in the Construction industry or go on to University and pursue a career in Sports Science.

He did know he wanted to complete his Higher School Certificate. As part of the Year 10 curriculum students undertook “work placements” – Kyle was offered a placement with Hutchies. He demonstrated an aptitude for the construction industry and was offered a School Based Apprenticeship. This opportunity enabled him to begin his apprenticeship and still complete Year 12.

“Kyle undertook work placement, on a multipurpose project worth $13M, with me in 2006 and I could tell straight away that he was willing to learn, and wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. This gave me the confidence to spend the time required to support his journey through his apprenticeship…..” Scott Vidler – Site Manager Hutchinson Builders.

Our Apprenticeship Program is task based, where the majority of training is delivered on-the-job. Therefore 80% of Kyle’s training took place working on real projects. He was quickly exposed to a range of roles in the industry providing him with the opportunity to work directly with foremen, site managers, project managers and sub-contractors on a variety of construction jobs.

This contributed to developing a deep understanding of the industry and the importance of delivering a quality job on time and within budget. Kyle learned that the critical skills for success were not just quality technical skills but also the capacity to work effectively with people. It also confirmed for Kyle that the construction industry could provide him with a variety of career options.

Kyle is aware that the industry can be extremely volatile and subject to a range of external forces. However it is an industry where the outcomes are tangible and one can be proud of what has been achieved – “ I can say I was part of the team involved in the project that built that building”.

Kyle’s aim is to continue to work in the industry and ultimately gain a Diploma of Construction and become a Project Manager. However, he recognises that there are a number of stages that need to be achieved before this can be realised. Therefore he began his Certificate IV this year and currently has completed several modules.
Prior to the conclusion of his apprenticeship, in November 2012, Kyle was offered the opportunity, by Hutchies, to take up the role of “leading hand”/foreman on the $19M Isle of Capri project at Surfers Paradise.

We recognised his leadership potential and selected him for our Future Leaders Program. Apprentices are selected on skills, aptitude and probable post trade pathways such as Site Based or Office Based Para Professionals.