Several attributes are required to be a successful graduate in one of our courses. We have looked at our successful students and compiled lists on how to be a perfect graduate.

We look for different attributes within each of the courses we offer:

Certificate I in Construction

Certificate III in Carpentry – Apprentices

We have some success stories and testimonials from some of our graduates that you might be interested in reading before applying:

Success stories

Graduate testimonials

Our Perfect Certificate I in Construction Graduate

   Completed over 160 hours of on-the-job experience, participates in observing a number of potential construction careers.

   Completed a Certificate I in Construction with the vast majority of the practical work completed on-the-job with Hutchinson Builders or our employer partners.

   Completed a professionally presented resume and cover letter after studying over 70 careers available in construction and experiencing/observing as many as possible on the job.

   Completed a life skills program that broadened their practical and theoretical skills in a variety of personal and social skills including nutrition (including practical cooking), finances and fitness.

   Developed the understanding that employers need workers who are productive.  Consequently, they will have the safe practical skills to be a positive asset to a supportive employer from their first day.

   Developed their communication skills so that they can accurately carry out verbal and written instructions.

   Developed their skills with a broad range of hand and power tools to a point where they can use them safely and efficiently.

   Developed their maths skills to a level where they can confidently perform, basic maths operation without the need for a calculator and can use approximation and estimation to confirm their calculations.

   Developed a ‘presence’ about them in the way they are neatly presented, know what they want and have a passion for the career they want to pursue.

   Developed their skills as an independent learner such that they are organised and motivated to complete further studies.

Our Perfect Apprentice

   When working they have a ‘common sense’ approach to safety.  They assess every situation as “what if” and make sound judgement about what needs to be done without being tentative or over cautious.

   They have ‘presence’ ie. They stand out from their peers with the way they talk and the way they carry themselves at work. They walk and work with a purpose. They look ‘the goods’.

   This in turn is manifested in the way they dress and look after their personal hygiene. They look after their uniform and personal appearance as they know inherently that first impressions count.

   They are ambitious and have a plan for their future that they can enunciate and prosecute.

   They are motivated and innately know what is required and stay ahead of expectations.

   They need to be tenacious so that when they get knocked back they bounce back.

   They have an assertive personality so that they advocate for the progression of their apprenticeship ie:  talk/harass their site supervisor to give them the experiences they need on the job not just labouring.

   They can negotiate to get a win-win on such issues as trade experience and safety when supervisors want to cut corners or just take the easy option.

   They have confidence in their own ability to ‘back themselves’ without seeming to be full of themselves or arrogant.

   They have drive to set themselves goals and achieve them regardless of other distractions eg. complete their training tasks on time.

   This implies that they must have good time management skills to fit their studies into their ‘busy ‘ lives.

   They have good personal organisation skills or they won’t be able to organise others.

   They can deal with change and adapt in a positive way and use it as a springboard for opportunity (not a threat) (optimistic).